In Key West, every day is another excuse to go out on the water, whether it's for parasailing, kite boarding, snorkeling, or fishing.  Our favorite?  Catch a ride on a Key West snorkeling boat, right off the docks near Mallory Square.  Witness the undersea world while you totally escape everything else.  A  Key West snorkeling trip will amaze you and completely engage you and your kids for one unforgettable afternoon or morning.  Never been snorkeling before?  Not to worry- it's as easy as floating, which is very easy in the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Key West!  Here's what to expect when you go snorkeling in Key West.
While there are lots of people who go snorkeling every time they visit Key West, the mates on the boat will assume that everyone is a novice.  The ride out to the reef takes about half an hour and during this time you'll learn everything you need to know.  Most importantly, the mates will help you fit your gear and give the basics on how to breathe through a snorkel.  This is key, since you won't want to waste any time fussing with your gear once you're in the water.
The reef spots where most snorkeling boats take passengers are quite shallow, so you won't have to dive down to see coral, fish, rays, and other sea creatures.  However, don't stand on the coral because that's just not nice, killing the coral.  Believe it or not, the more you relax while snorkeling, the better you'll be at it.  Just floating and looking down is the core element of snorkeling.  Really!  And if you want to move of course use your fins but nice and slow.  Key West snorkeling is just like everything else in Key West: laid back and easy!Here we have an elkhorn coral, which at this point in Key West is rare.  In fact, this is the only piece of elkhorn coral we've ever seen on the reef off of Key West.  It's a beautiful specimen, and imagine the reef used to be covered in them just twenty or thirty years ago.  There was a blight in the early 1990s that killed most of them off.  Most of the coral species you'll see on a Key West snorkeling trip will include brain coral, purple sea fans and whip corals.  These are the most easily identified.  Totally beautiful and once you see the coral and all the fish swimming about, you'll be hooked on Key West snorkeling. 

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