Key West is unlike any other city in the United States.  It's a sub-tropic island, for starters.  Closer to Cuba than to Miami, Key West is also called the Southernmost City and when you visit, you sense that you are a long, long way from home.  Everything is a little different down here.  The pace of life is much much slower, as you can imagine on a tropical island.  The outdoor activities are certainly more exotic and exciting than lots of places.  For example, Key West is lucky enough to have a coral reef about six miles from shore.  Key West snorkeling is a common activity here, for locals and tourists alike.  And it never gets old.  You could snorkel here every day for years and still find it the most exciting thing you've ever done!

In a way, it's a bit like hiking...or any activity where you're completely immersed in natural surroundings.  Nature changes constantly, and you also never know what will happen, or what creature will come crawling out of a hole or zipping by.  On the reef, those creatures include rays, barracua, sharks, jellyfish, mackeral, eels, sea turtles and lots lots more. 

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